A special Kind of Care...

We are experts in symptom management and specialize in quality of life enhancement. We are fully staffed with nurse's aides who are available to assist with care and teach families how to care for their loved ones at home. This is a journey that no one should take alone. Let us help!

We are a freestanding Non-Profit board-governed organization serving the following areas in Virginia: Lee, Scott, Wise, Dickenson, Russell, Smyth and Washington Counties and the cities of Norton and Bristol, Virginia.

How we differ from other hospice providers

  • No affiliation with larger providers/freestanding non-profit since 1993
  • Extremely low staff turnover (15 employees have a total of 172 years of experience with this hospice)
  • Help with bathing and basic needs provided by certified nurse’s aides
  • Weekly nursing visits as a minimum for:
    • Pain and symptom management
    • Medication management and oversight
    • Evaluation of changing needs
  • No family ever receives a bill from our Hospice
  • Patient satisfaction rates obtained independently that have exceeded state and federal averages consistently (see Link).

Signs that you or someone you love may be ready for Hospice care:

  • Increasing number of emergency room visits or hospitalizations
  • Frequent Urinary Tract Infections or Pneumonias
  • Recent falls
  • Weight loss of more than 10% in six months
  • Uncontrolled pain
  • Shortness of breath even when resting
  • Increasing frequency in doctor visits
  • Doctors stating that there are no additional treatments available to the patient
  • Caregiver having increased difficulty coping with decline in patient’s condition