About Us

Hospice & Palliative Care of Virginia became Medicare and Medicaid certified in 1993. It has operated as a non-profit organization since 1993. It is governed by an appointed board of directors. The Board of Directors consists of people throughout the Southwest Virginia region who are interested in ensuring the provision of high-quality end of life care to its inhabitants. This board has no affiliation with other health care providers but works well with all healthcare providers. We, as an organization, are NOT part of any other medical group therefore we belong to the community we serve.

The people of this region have a rich and varied culture and often a unique view of life and how it is best lived. This organization provides patients with the tools to make choices about their life. We strive to fulfill the wishes of each patient with regards to how they choose to live their life. We provide support and as much consistency as possible to ensure that a person receives quality care with dignity and respect for THEIR choices and needs as THEY see them.

The staff is led by an administrator with 16+ years of experience and a chief nursing officer with 15+ years with this hospice. Continuity and consistency are our strengths. Experience is our greatest teacher and care for others is our greatest motivation. The majority of our staff have remained loyal and dedicated to hospice care for over 10 years. The average length of service of current staff is 11.5 years.

Board of Trustees

  • Lu Ellsworth, Chair
  • Ben Sergent, Vice Chair
  • Lee Kidd
  • Phillip Bates
  • Kerry Hay
  • Barbara Farmer
  • Norman Clark
  • Jim Collie


Staff Around Table
  • Sherry Begley Adams, President/CEO
  • Tabitha Meadows RN, BSN, Chief Nursing Officer

Medical Directors
  • Elizabeth Cooperstein, MD
  • Bickley Craven, MD

Administrative Team
  • Bedelia Davis, Accountant
  • Frances Neeley, Records and Office Manager

100 Year Old Patient
Visiting Nurses
  • Tabitha Meadows
  • Diane Rose
  • Mary Ray
  • Sue Mullins
  • Ashley Minton

Other Visiting Staff
  • Jeannie Adams, Social Worker
  • Caressa Brooks, MSW
  • Barbara Mosier, CNA
  • Pam Crain, CNA
  • Kristi White, CNA
  • Tanya Tolbert, CNA